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The success of your life coach experience or executive coaching depends on you.

It’s true. We can’t force action. We can’t force change. So how do we get anywhere with our clients? As we grew up, and maybe now sometimes with our own children, we heard statements such as “Do as I say!” But in truth, we know that unless a process is truly understood, and practiced, we don’t change.

In an effort to identify weaknesses and redundancies, we perform a Business Audit. We follow best practices to evaluate your internal processes. Once we’ve identified weaknesses, redundancies or gaps, we help resolve the issues. Best practices are identified and recorded for future success.

Marketing Consultant and Business Advisor Overview – How We Work With You

Depending upon the size of your company, we design a custom plan for you.We first talk with the owner to determine the status of the company. We create an awareness of what needs to be addressed – and then we set priorities based on discussions with you.

Depending on the scope of the project, we will look into all the departments in the company – management, sales and marketing, operations and production, technology, accounting and human resources – and any other departments within the company.

We look into processes, redundancies, leadership skills, behaviors and work environment. We help you find resolution for issues and get you and your company back on track.

Our Business Coach Questions

In the process, our inquiries can include the following:

  • What do your hiring practices look like? Do you know how to hire an employee that will be a long-time productive asset to your company?
  • At the same time, do you know how to properly fire an employee?
  • How do some of the normal processes within your company function? For example:
    • How do you pay your bills?
    • Send invoices?
    • Process Payroll?
  • Do you regularly perform Job Cost Accounting?
  • We even delve into your growth areas. How do you generate leads?
  • And when leads are generated, what is the sales process and follow-up?

As marketing consultants, our purpose here is to resolve what’s holding you back.

We work with you to help streamline your processes. Our technical skills and strategic partnerships can help you examine, change and leverage your technology to become the market leader in your field. We help with sales training and strategic marketing plans so your company grows healthfully. We work closely with you to create a thriving, driven business environment.

Please call us at 240.242.3349 for a consultation. We’d love to discuss your plans with you.