Bahar Consulting – Leadership Training and Executive Coaching

Bahar Consulting is a client-centered company focused on your business. We work as collaborators with you and your team. We provide executive development services to individuals and organizations striving for excellence.

Client-centered. Your needs and effectiveness are woven into our development plan. Our relationship with you is highly professional and personal. We are honest. We become your trusted adviser.

Business-focused. As we work together, Bahar Consulting becomes your resource for information, inquiries and ideas. We work with you to develop a business strategy that works. We work with teams to help them become more productive. Your business moves forward.

Collaborators. Together, we drive results. We focus on leveraging your strengths for greater success. And we hold each other mutually accountable. Through a team effort, you and your organization succeed and innovate.

We start with inquiries. We ask questions. We help you and your organization grapple with the opportunities and challenges you face. And our services and strategic partners provide solutions.

Who do we work with? Our clients are small to mid-size professionals. They are business owners, partners and/or leaders within business and non-profit organizations.

Does your future include steadfast improvement or continuous struggle? Change is within your grasp. A consultation. That’s all it takes. Please give us a call at 240.242.3349 and let’s have a discussion.