Services: Business Consulting and Coaching through Collaboration

At Bahar Consulting we work with you to identify effectiveness gaps. Our analytical backgrounds help us pinpoint core areas of your business that can and should be enriched. Implementing various processes can often result in greater efficiencies and financial success. Even better, our processes have been tested repeatedly by our clients. As a result, we employ best practices in these key areas. We work closely with you, and in collaboration with our strategic partners, to help identify solutions instrumental to achieving immediate success.

The Core Areas of Business explored by Bahar Consulting include:


Business Consulting and Coaching.

ser-img1Our services often include coaching, business analysis, business planning, team building and leadership training. We’ll help you identify problems with accounting, business operations and management. We review the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats to your company. And we work with you and your team to create solid, smart business plans for your organization.

Our work with clients often begins with mentoring – helping people through energy depleting problems that hold them back. We help our clients see and resolve obstacles that prevent them from increasing their revenue. And we help with the implementation of new strategies and new tactics to realize goals and to improve the strength of your company.

Strategic Planning Retreats.

ser-img2If your plans include events, conferences or sales meetings, Bahar Consulting will work with you to plan and implement a successful meeting. Our purpose behind event planning is to create a memorable event that is well attended and results in long-term relationships. We focus on the planning, content creation, implementation, sales and fulfillment components of successful events.

Any event requires a great deal of planning. Bahar Consulting works with you to determine your needs and plan the scope of the event. We can provide help wherever it’s needed – including space, communications, marketing materials and preparation for the event. We’ll also review contracts if needed, and negotiate with facilities. We are highly flexible and can handle meeting logistics, planning and facilitation.

Financial Management & Accounting.

ser-img3How can your company optimize its earning potential? By examining processes and behaviors, Bahar Consulting helps companies implement accounting procedures that ensure both short term and long term success. We look at the overall financial health of the business by thoroughly reviewing balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, capital management and cash flow analysis. Our goal is to help make your company more profitable.

Accounting reports are important tools for tracking the performance of your company or organization. We’ll look at the reports that are generated now, and help you consider your needs for daily, weekly or monthly reports. With the proper structure in place, reports that are generated can have great forecasting value to those within the company.


ser-img4More revenue and more customers usually flow from strategic marketing plans. We help you plan smart marketing – marketing that produces new revenue and new customers. A marketing plan includes:

1) Information on your target market
2) The marketplace in general
3) Plans for reaching prospective customers
4) Your competition and your differentiators

Our marketing plans also include tools for measuring the success of initiatives. Whatever your marketing needs and tactics are, including planning, developing a website, engaging your customers through social media, printing appropriate materials or consistently connecting with prospects through email marketing – Bahar Consulting can help guide you to the right decisions.

Sales & Sales Training.

ser-img5Our sales training is results oriented. We discuss customer acquisition and the communication skills needed to close sales. We focus on improving the skill level of a sales team and through strong coaching, we can help members of the team achieve their vision and goals. In the process, we identify reasons for non-performance and employ a system for providing timely feedback to improve the sales process.

A good sales plan should place the power and control of the sale in the hands of sales professionals. We help individuals acquire the skills needed to be successful. We address the attitudes and behaviors that are necessary to achieve success in the area of business development. And sales professionals learn the art of soft selling – how to communicate and develop a relationship with interested parties. We help your company assess the intentions of your prospects so that you know when it’s time to back off, and when it’s time to nurture your potential client.

We work with sales people and sales teams on the technical adjustments needed for success in developing business. We address issues such as:

  • How to discuss money issues;
  • How to sell yourself and your ideas;
  • How to adjust your sales techniques to the personalities of the prospects you encounter;
  • How to develop a better, more qualified and larger database of potential clients; and
  • How to qualify or disqualify prospects more readily

We are committed to a successful sales training outcome and we work with your sales team to achieve your objectives.


ser-img6Business objectives can often be improved through technology. Bahar Consulting has extensive knowledge in critical business functions such as: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), cloud computing, cyber technologies, system development and software selection. By helping you improve your business processes and increase the efficiency of your team, Bahar Consulting can help drive your business.

Our experts have a deep knowledge of advanced technologies. Once we understand your mission and objectives, and have researched problem areas, we can develop and implement the optimum technology solution for your organization. We help you understand technology and experience the realization of your business goals. Our focus is on emerging technologies, as technical innovation is increasingly central to our clients’ success.Technology can help increase business efficiency and even expand operations.