How Bahar Consulting Can Help Your Business

We are business advisors to small companies, government contractors, nonprofits and associations. We help companies make decisions and solve problems. The owners, presidents and CEOs of the companies we serve are busy people, making decisions that affect every facet of their business. This considerable level of activity works – until it doesn’t anymore. As the business expands, too often decisions are tabled because they can’t be addressed properly. That’s usually when business stalls. The company no longer seems to be on an upward trend. When the scenario above is apparent at your company, it’s a signal that you need a trusted advisor and experienced business partner to help.


The Optimum

Our customers tell us that their experience with Bahar Consulting professionals has led to greater achievements. Our consulting professionals are uniquely qualified to research, question, advise and direct. We are professionally trained in various disciplines, including engineering, accounting, technology, business, psychology, marketing, communications, law and real estate. We draw on our own personal experience, as well as the experiences and results of our clients, to provide the highest level of analytical thought, critical thinking and relationship skills needed to successfully navigate our clients through external and internal challenges.


We are experts in Business Consulting, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Marketing Strategy, Revenue Growth and Technology. Your company grows and expands based on the advice and council we provide as your partner in success.


It is our desire to help you create an environment where opportunities are recognized, and challenges are met with excitement. We foster an innovative approach – one that engages your employees thoughtfully – where ideas are exchanged, and trust is ensured. Such an environment creates an excitement around the work you do and the clients you serve.

Competing for
Market Share

Bahar Consulting provides the analytical skills, business acumen, and safe harbor that you need to effectively evaluate processes and affect dynamic change. Businesses that thrive in today’s world, must be easy to work with, quick to follow-up and provide exceptional value. With help from Bahar Consulting, we guide you through competing and sometime disproportionate demands. We help you by taking the time to review your present processes and recommending more effective ways of conducting business. Instead of falling back on what you’ve done in the past, you move the company forward to new possibilities. Work becomes faster, easier, smarter.

Building a
Relationship of Trust

Effective business consulting and/or coaching is based on trust between the parties. When we first work with you, we ask questions. We determine the status of the company and identify problem areas and priorities. We take the time to examine workflow processes. Are there roadblocks that impede progress? We look for redundancies within your business – areas that are no longer required, perhaps because of new technology. Because leadership skills have a tremendous effect on the workplace, we help our clients develop skills that will lead to success. We conscientiously review the entire work environment. The idea behind the questions we ask and the research we conduct is to pinpoint solutions and processes that will help you succeed further. Then we work with you to select priorities, and, if needed, we help you implement the plan.

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