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Construction Labor Status in 2017

Read more about what’s expected to happen with the availability of Construction Labor in 2017. See the Bloomberg BNA interview with Asif Choudhury of Bahar Consulting here.

Asif Choudhury is also the national secretary for the Construction Financial Management Association, based in Princeton, N.J.

The success of your life coach experience or executive coaching depends on you.

It’s true. We can’t force action. We can’t force change. So how do we get anywhere with our clients? As we grew up, and maybe now sometimes with our own children, we heard statements such as “Do as I say!” But in truth, we know that unless a process is truly understood, and practiced, we don’t change.

In an effort to identify weaknesses and redundancies, we perform a Business Audit. We follow best practices to evaluate your internal processes. Once we’ve identified weaknesses, redundancies or gaps, we help resolve the issues. Best practices are identified and recorded for future success.