• Building Effective & Innovative Teams

    Building Effective & Innovative Teams

    Over the last 10-15 years, and certainly now, during the pandemic, most CEOs are over-extended. They are grappling with economic and health issues, possibly busy raising funds, working from home and trying to keep the organization engaged in vital work, all while trying to address multiple ventures at the same time. By building effective teams, a CEO has additional resources ...
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  • Nurturing Your Prospects

    Nurturing Your Prospects

    If Sales is an area of your business that seems less effective than it should be, this is a good article to consider. Any sales team will be more successful if the lead nurturing process at your organization is organized and consistent. Bahar Consulting is happy to answer any questions on how to improve on your lead nurturing system. Lead ...
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  • Sales Teams That Produce Revenue

    Sales Teams That Produce Revenue

    We briefly discussed lead nurturing in a previous article, Nurturing Your Prospects. What are other ways your sales team can produce revenue? In this article we focus on 3 ingredients that, when coordinated with each other, produce sales. 1. Timely Follow-Ups For some reason, in this age of electronic communications, the practice of following up with prospects has all but disappeared. ...
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  • Managing Your Sales Pipeline

    Managing Your Sales Pipeline

    A sales pipeline is a way to manage the sales process we’ve described in Sales Teams That Produce Revenue. Think about it. Your prospects make certain decisions that move them through the sales funnel, or sales pipeline. From the time your prospects initially reach out to your company, until the time they become customers, they should encounter different people and ...
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  • Tips for Hiring Employees

    Tips for Hiring Employees

    Work environments have changed dramatically in the last 10 years – and this year as we experience the pandemic, we’ve seen the greatest change! Formerly, companies had almost total control over the people who worked there. Employees sometimes “clocked-in” or “clocked-out” at specific times. Even if a time clock wasn’t used, the expectations were set – and routinely followed. It’s ...
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  • Ten Tips for Developing Trust

    Ten Tips for Developing Trust

    Trust is one of the biggest problems or challenges that our client’s face. We often help our clients build an atmosphere of trust. It starts with improving more effective communication and putting mechanisms in place for greater accountability. Both of these actions lead to better trust among owners, management and departments. Trust actually flows from individuals, not organizations. Everything of ...
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